Friday, 7 July 2017

Timbernook Play Day!!!

Timbernook Play Day!!!

Hiya guys, Yesterday the whole school went to Timbernook Adventure park, It was super fun and there was a huge forest with lot's of stuff you can do, You can make huts, Make bows and arrows to playfight and heaps more! I played with my friends Alizae, Stephaine and more friends! Me and Alizae were playfighting with our bows and arrows and it was really fun!
So I was doing something near a swing (trying to untie a rope from a tree quite thin) and got hit right in the back, Then I went to my mum and had a little cuddle with her and I wanted to go home but it wasn't time yet, Then I got up and played again for like forty-five minutes.
Then it was time to go back to school, Then I went home,
Hope you enjoyed, Sorry I didn't have any photos, But I'm sure you'll enjoy! Bye bye awesome people!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Kitten Poem

hiya guys, I know I have been posting a lot of posts lately, but I have to do them because my teacher tell me to, today I have done a poem as you can see in the title and I really like this one because it had a screencastify in it, and I really like screencastify's, it's quite fun, but let's get on to the more inportant stuff, here is the screencastify!
hope you enjoy the screencastify, I made about six before I got this perfect one!
Bye, Blog you later, awesome people! (:

Friday, 30 June 2017

My Journey.

Hi guys! over the past few weeks I have been working on a slide and some writing that are connected because the piece of writing is a story of the slide, so here is the writing!
My Journey

“Today is the day, I am going to the mountain” said Angelea, So she drove off into the hills  “But do I have everything I need?” said Angelea. Halfway through the trip, Angelea checked her bag and she had everything she needed. Then she drove off again.

A few hours later “I need to go to the bathroom, where is it?” Angelea said looking around.   “Oh, there it is!”           “Ok done, where’s that sign, Oh no,” Angelea said. “THERE IS NO SIGN! How will I know which way to go!” But when I came here there was a sign, Angelea thought, where did the sign go?

“I think I remember the sign saying : Go this way to the Mountains.”    She didn’t really want to go down that path, but she did it,     “Ok, I will risk this way”  (Walk walk walk)
“Oh no!!!, I am lost!!! She yelled, Oh look, A river, but the rest of the path is over there, how do I get over there?” she wondered “oh look, some sticks, stones and vines, this will take at least five to six hours to build so I better get working.” (Work work work) there, finally done, but I need to test that it is safe, Ok it is safe,  all right let’s go!

“Oh look, a cyan crystal just lying here, it must be my lucky day! But I got lost…… eh, doesn’t matter, but look, there are magic sparkles! she said happily. “This must be a magic crystal! But what chant do I need to make it work? Hopefully it will take me home!” Oh, I know what chant I should use! A home chant! All right, here we go! “ Little Crystal, take me home, I will see you at my home! (poof poof poof) Oh, Yay I am home! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh, I am finally……    home (: I am soooooo Hungry I‘m getting something to eat. So Hungry!!!!!!

The End!

here is the slide, hope you enjoy!
sorry it took so long, it a long one!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

How Airplanes Fly

today I just started on a slide with my friends about how airplanes fly, so I am going to give you the slide, here it is! hope you like it!
Hope you

Monday, 26 June 2017

My Board Game.

Hi, over the past week I have been working on a board game, I am not finshed yet, here is a photo. It doesn't have all of the board game because the cam was too small. Sorry about that :(
I can't tell you the all the inportant stuff because there is so much!
This board game is made off the book: The Miniwings. I have only read one but I think there are six books because there are six Miniwings. It is my favorite book so far but I think I will have a different favorite book in the future.

If you like my board game please comment (:

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Enchanted Portal.

                                          The Enchanted Portal.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Shimmer with her family and they were in the backyard 
playing soccer with their soccer ball, when Shimmer said “I’m getting hungry, I want to go get a snack” So her mum said “all right you can go back inside to get a snack, but it’s a beautiful day out here and it’s really hot in there so make sure you come back out”.So Shimmer went to her room and got some cooler clothes on and got a snack, but when she went to open her door there wasn’t a door, there was a portal, she was really confused, so when she stepped in the portal there was a big flash, she felt weird, when the big white flash faded, she was in another world, a Magical world with wolves, butterflies, beautiful plants and flowers, but then she realized she was smaller and the ground was closer to her.Her mum was wondering where she had gone.Then she turned around and the portal was still there so she went back through it to have a look in the mirror in her bedroom.When she looked in the mirror she was shocked to she that she was a wolf, so she went back through the portal to the magical world, but when she turned around the portal wasn’t there, she was trapped! Then she heard a voice"ha, I have trapped you!!!" She looked around scared looking for the thing that was talking, then she saw a woman, she instantly started running so fast, faster than she nomally runs, so she ran until her paws hurt, when she looked behind her the woman wasn't there and there was a portal so she went through the portal and she was back in her bedroom but she was still a wolf, so she went to show her mum, her mum went crazy. She asked why she was a wolf" WHY ARE YOU A WOLF!!!"said mum, Shimmer said "because I went through a magic portal that turned me into a wolf, I can show you the portal" . so she showed her parnets and they jumped through the portal and turned into a wolf.  They loved that world, they said " from now on we will live here in this world " and they never returned home again                                                                     
                                 The End.

How To Juggle (:

this is a slide I made all by myself and I feel pretty proud about it, I hope you enjoy it a lot, bye bye.