Friday, 7 July 2017

Timbernook Play Day!!!

Timbernook Play Day!!!

Hiya guys, Yesterday the whole school went to Timbernook Adventure park, It was super fun and there was a huge forest with lot's of stuff you can do, You can make huts, Make bows and arrows to playfight and heaps more! I played with my friends Alizae, Stephaine and more friends! Me and Alizae were playfighting with our bows and arrows and it was really fun!
So I was doing something near a swing (trying to untie a rope from a tree quite thin) and got hit right in the back, Then I went to my mum and had a little cuddle with her and I wanted to go home but it wasn't time yet, Then I got up and played again for like forty-five minutes.
Then it was time to go back to school, Then I went home,
Hope you enjoyed, Sorry I didn't have any photos, But I'm sure you'll enjoy! Bye bye awesome people!

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